Why is Chuck the best TV series? – review of the grand finale

In the previous post I showed you the differences between Chuck and other TV shows and explained why is it – in my opinion – the best TV series. Now I want to explain to you even more differences on the example of grand finale of season 5th and the whole series.



Ten post jest częścią mojego zadania szkolnego.

This post is a part of my school assignment.


What are usually our expectations regarding series finale? I’m sure some of you would say: action and happy ending for all main characters. And that’s exactly what Chuck’s producers – Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz – were thinking about.


When the episode starts, our heroes will find themselves in very bad – if not tragic – situation. Sarah, main character’s wife, lost all her memories from previous 5 years by a main bad-gay of the season, Nicholas Quinn. Quinn not only erased Sarah’s memories and made her forgot about her husband, but also claiming to be a CIA operative and her handler, orders Sarah to kill her husband, Chuck. In this point I must mention, that for me Chuck was always a story about the guy who wanted to be a spy. Now I can see, that this story is about a guy, who was in love. With that in mind, we shouldn’t be surprised, that the last 80 minutes of the show are not telling the story of complicated spy plot, last, packed with action and twists mission in which Chuck Bartowski and his team must succeed. No. Instead we’re watching just a normal guy, that after 5 years spent with Sarah, firstly his handler, then girlfriend, fiancee and finally wife, want to return her memories and not get while trying to do that. But don’t think that this story eliminates all the action, there is plenty of action (keep in mind, that both Chuck and Sarah are skilled CIA agents), tense and love – not only between Chuck an his wife-without-memories, but also between producers and viewers. How come?


This show had always a lot of support from viewers, I would even say, that Chuck had one of the most dedicated fan-base ever. At the end of each season future of the show was always uncertain. Chuck never gained big popularity because of lack of promotion from NBC’s side. Nevertheless people that happened to watch the show stayed dedicated fans till the end. The best way to proof that is to see all the ideas that fans came out with to protect their series and „buy” themselves another season. Some of them were: buying products advertised in the show and posting the pictures on twitter pages (like Samsung, Pepsi, Subway, etc.), writing letters, signing petitions. At the end of season 1, hundreds of fans and even a crew member, Zach Levi (Chuck), went together to one Subway restaurant (main sponsor of the show). Seeing all this support, it is very nice of producers, that included in the finale some details, that only a fan could notice (references to the very first episode of the show).


Having said that, you should see, that this show was unlike the rest. In the previous post I mentioned all the reason why I love this series – music, story, characters, etc. But the truth is, that it is all about the dedicated crew that created something thousands of people not only like watch every Saturday in TV. They love it.



I didn’t finish reviewing the story of the finale. Did Sarah get her memories back? Where there a happy ending? The answer is: yes and no. It depends on your point of view.



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