Śmieszna hip-hopowa piosenka o Chucku

Bob Dougherty aka No Jeans Bob opublikował utwór hip-hopowy „Chuck Rap For 2011” na youtube. Jest to śmieszna piosenka opowiadająca o naszym serialu. Beat wzięty z jednego z kawałków Wu-Tang Clan. Utwór i tekst w rozwinięciu.

Bob ma wykonać na żywo ten utwór podczas uroczystej imprezy zakończenia kręcenia 4 sezonu. Utwór w mp3 do pobrania tutaj.


Y’all gonna feel a shock where the bad guys lurk
On notorious criminals he’ll flash like clockwork
Zach’s in the joint from the point of inception
General’s on the pulse, she be handing out directions
Check it, Agent Walker got a gun pointed atcha
If you try to run she’s gonna catch ya
But John Casey will kill you with a stare like a dagger from hell
He’s like Karl Lagerfeld ‘cause he dress so well
Comes out of every fight and battle that he’s in with not a dent
Lester ain’t a putz; for him that’d be a compliment
A violet is blue, a rose red
Yo Carina, is that you, chillin’ Morgan’s bed?
Grimes, he used to be a shmuck in slacks
Now his and Chuck’s attacks are puttin’ suckers on their backs
Once he was the guy that made you wonder how
Every time he spoke or made a move, you’d wanna cringe, how ya like him now?

For Fulcrum it’s curtains, the Ring got faded
Operation Volkoff: eradicated
So give it up Shaw, the fat lady sang, it’s over
Don’t I recognize that tiger from The Hangover?
Beckman on the line, keep evil in check
Pull Tron off the wall to map the Intersect
And Big Mike with Patricia Rae, who dat?
Carla from Maria Full Of Grace, see I knew that
Ellie got a bun in the oven, the belly getting’ bigger by the minute
Awesome, innit?
Grimes, you better pay your boy back for the condom that you took
From his wallet when he wasn’t lookin’
The opposite of cool, G. Talk about a cruel twist!
How ya gonna block Chuck, when he ‘bout to get bliss?
You got a lesson in the merits of alliance
From number 9-deuce on the Super Bowl Giants

Linda be a “bad mother” of Chuck, so don’t start
Hang with her you can’t, she ain’t for the feint of heart
The T2 and Rocky 4 lines, yeah I caught ‘em
Zach’s rollin’ up in the slick, black cart George bought him
Mr. McPartlin, can I call you Ryan?
Zach got a spot on Conan O’Brien
From music to intro, slide to the main part
Knocks other series out the box like a tranc dart
Sarah broke the surface of the water in the jungle
A bikini top, knife in her teeth, I felt humbled
Drop the scanner, and pick up the 12 gauge
And tear the roof off like two dogs caged
Zach didn’t get to use his nun chucks, but it didn’t matter
‘Cause he left the villain on the plane battered
Drive by in the tram, 12-strong from Chatham
Watch girls melt when Ryan smiles and waves at ‘em

Stage 4, home for Sarah, Chuck and Grimes
Throw a party, and put Bobby on stage to bust rhymes
The Nerd Herder hit the turbo and it jetted from the shadows of the dark
And straight back to Echo Park
“Puis-je te donner un coussin?” I applaud his French
Zach speaking out to a worldwide audience
I told Yvonne a joke in Spanish and she laughed son
You can’t get over on her, don’t pull a fast one
‘Cause if you gotta be told, she gonna tell ya
And best believe the voice you gonna hear is from Australia
Bryce paid the ultimate price, heroic
Casey: epitome alpha male stoic
Sarah on the carry and you know she won’t fumble
Nicole stepped to her, and Richie got pummeled
Chuck, take it light but keep your eyes out homie
I’ll be keepin’ out of trouble so you don’t flash on me

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  1. Agent_47 napisał:

    nic nie rozumiem ale spoko

  2. intrigue napisał:

    Hahahahahahhahaha <3
    WIELBIĘ TO <3 xD
    Ten koleś jest wspaniały 😀

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